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About Us

About Us

Greetings Good Food Lover!

My name is Peter Wilson, and I would like to introduce you to We are a group of families that have been farming in the South for generations. We love the South, we love the land, and we love our stock. We are proud of our country and want to bring a blessing to her people.

Our goal is to see our land flourish, our stock flourish, and the people of Aotearoa/New Zealand flourish. We know that many families are in financially difficult situations and we want to help. So we have joined together with like-minded farming families to supply your family with our best, export quality meat at affordable prices, delivered to your door. We want families everywhere to be able to enjoy the best that this country has to offer at prices that families can afford.

For those families that are in desperate need, we are creating a "pay it forward" fund, which allows customers to add a small amount to their order which then goes directly to feeding families in genuine need. 

The launch of this project represents the first time that we farmers have been able to connect with you--the consumer. We are proud of our additive-free, premium, kiwicut (NH) meat, and would love to hear how you find it. We love our stock, and the idea that the meat from the South would be enjoyed by the people of the New Zealand is a source of great joy to us. We really believe we are one people in the most beautiful land on earth.

May you enjoy the best meat of this great land with us for the years to come. 


Peter Wilson - FamilyFood.Farm